Abortions on lockdown: How the US ‘global gag rule’ impacts the reproductive health of women around the world

In October, the US signed the Geneva Consensus Declaration, an unprecedented “women’s health” and “family welfare” agreement, alongside a coalition of 31 countries such as Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Libya, Sudan, Indonesia, Poland and Egypt.  At first glance, the declaration seems well-intentioned, asserting “all are equal before the law,” and “human rights of women are […]

Through the Lens: Under the Sky

Through the Lens is a recurring photography and poetry series that champions creativity and collaboration. In this edition, we invited a Macao photographer and a Hong Kong-based poet to share their perspectives. A bud waits for the sun, opens its arms, Its parent ascends in resilience Sense of belonging is like rooted plants, A secure […]

From Asia to Africa: Will pangolins go extinct in our lifetime?

Several times a month, rangers from Akashinga, a women-only anti-poaching unit meaning ‘the brave one’ in the language of the Shona ethnic group, prepare to raid hunting compounds in the wilderness of Zimbabwe. Together with local police officers, the armed rangers encircle the building then, quickly and quietly, sneak inside and arrest the crew in […]

By The Numbers: The State of LGBT+ Rights

We take a look at LGBT+ rights and protections — or lack thereof — around the world, according to international research and advocacy organisation ILGA World. MENTAL HEALTH Social stigma, harassment, hate crimes and institutionalised discrimination can impact the mental wellbeing of LGBT+ individuals*. *Based on US Statistics SOURCE: Human Rights Campaign Foundation SITUATION IN […]

Art of Defiance: 6 refugees find purpose and passion

In a small artist’s studio on Lantau Island, floor-to-ceiling sculptures and vibrant canvases overrun the space. A drum set sits in one corner, barely visible under piles of animal prints and patterned textiles, while a needle perches mid-stitch on a hand bag in the centre of the room. “Art that can move around with you,” […]

Live and Learn: Culture news for April 2020

Displaced Hosted by Grant Gordon and Ravi Gurumurthy, Displaced is a podcast that tackles the world’s most pressing issues, such as climate change, displacement crises and the future of warfare. You’ll hear from some of the world’s most forward thinkers, including policymakers, activists and entrepreneurs, as well as moving personal stories from those who have […]

The stories behind modern women’s rights movements across the world

In recent years, the world has seen a rise in women-led movement around the world. While they share roots in the broader fight for equality and respect, the diversity within these movements lies in each group’s specific concerns and culture. From South Korea’s #MyLifeisNotYourPorn movement, which protests gender-based violence and illegal spycam activities, to India’s […]