Mark your calendar: Essential social justice dates for 2021

Turning a spotlight on social justice issues, the United Nations (UN) has marked a series of International Days to celebrate gender, environmental and humanitarian issues around the world.  Chosen and designated during the UN General Assembly, the international dates aim to engage diverse communities and raise awareness at the same time.  In addition to the […]

Local Voices: Breaking The Cycle

Dr Kelly Chain, a registered Chinese medicine practitioner and co-founder of  Chain’s Medicare Centre, helps women with reproductive issues: “Nowadays, women are either getting married or starting family planning later, often in their late 30s. With age, complications in reproduction can arise, including a low ovarian implantation period. “Diet and exercise are some of the […]

Through the Lens: Prisoners of an Island

Original poetry written in Chinese Through the Lens champions creativity and collaboration. In this recurring series, we invite a poet and a photographer to capture Hong Kong from new perspectives. Mother says she’ll take me to the streets We’ll wear clothes that wick sweat, tighten our laces, carry bright backpacks Mother says she’ll take me […]

Youth in Focus: Students helping students in Hong Kong

A few years ago, Reese Wong noticed a problem. He was completing an internship at local mental health NGO Mind HK, when he realised that students from schools across Hong Kong didn’t have a safe space to come together and discuss LGBT+ issues, racism, mental health and other everyday struggles.  “Teenagers around the world go […]

Live and Learn: Books, documentaries and podcast recommendations

If you’re looking for new inspiration, you have come to the right place. Check out these documentaries, books and podcasts – handpicked by the Ariana team. Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution In the 1970s, teenagers with disabilities faced discrimination. But Camp Jened, a New York-based summer camp for young people with disabilities founded in the […]

Medical masks are magnifying Hong Kong's ongoing pollution crisis

When Covid-19 was first reported in mid-January, Hongkongers swiftly took action. Having experienced SARS in 2003, many knew the drill: wear a mask, keep your distance and wash your hands regularly. Combined with school closures, work from home mandates and travel restrictions, the community’s quick response has kept the local infection rate relatively low with […]