Time is running out for these 5 endangered species in Asia

Numerous animal species are now at risk of extinction around the world. As the largest and fastest-growing continent on earth in terms of economics and population, Asia has been identified as the epicentre of this environmental crisis. The region is home to the highest number of endangered species on earth, with 3,330 at risk across […]

Hearts & Minds: Teaching LGBT+ acceptance in schools

When she was two years old, Hung Hung* announced that she was a boy. Open-minded, her parents allowed her to play with boys’ toys, cut her hair short, and wear what she liked. But her mother, Wong* felt it was “too early to say that she identifies as a trans person,” choosing instead to describe […]

Sea of Hope: Hongkongers set sail for marine conservation

Over the past two years, Sarah Yip and her fiancé Rex Law have encountered many alarming situations in the seas surrounding Hong Kong during their marine conservation work. They’ve discovered piles of waste on remote beaches and marine wildlife tangled up in ghost nets, as well as toxic chemicals flowing into the ocean… But saddest […]

Pressing Pause: How hormone-blockers can aid transgender youth

“Puberty was f***ing horrendous,” exclaims Ashton Power, an 18-year-old transgender man who wears black-rimmed glasses and streaks of purple in his light hair. Born in Germany, Power lived in Eritrea, in East Africa, before moving to China, Singapore, and finally Hong Kong where his family has been for the past seven years. Shortly after arriving […]

In Focus: Greening Hong Kong

As one of the world’s densest cities, Hong Kong is known for its tightly packed residential complexes. But many don’t realise that Hong Kong’s green spaces – including 24 protected country parks and 22 special conservation areas – account for 75 per cent of the 1,100-square-kilometre territory.   Thanks in part to a sub-tropical climate […]

Local Voices: Discussing the plight of Asylum Seekers

Harmony “Anne-Marie” Ilungaa, founder of refugee support programmes Harmony HK and Learning Together, talks about the biggest challenges facing asylum seekers: “When I first came to Hong Kong with my mother and brother from the Democratic Republic of Congo, I was 12 years old and I could only speak Lingala and French. This made it […]