Last Word: Remembering Dr Joanna Tse, Hong Kong's Daughter

On 22 May 2003, a hearse made its way from Hong Kong Funeral Home in North Point towards Gallant Garden, the final resting place for civil servants who have died on duty. Thousands of onlookers wearing surgical masks watched the poignant procession in silence. Outside the funeral home, a TV crew caught a woman waving […]

Essential Terms: Sexual and reproductive rights

From assisted reproductive technology to egg freezing, learn about essential terms used in discourse about sexual and reproductive rights. The termination of pregnancy. Safe abortions usually refer to legal and performed by a registered medical professional in a medical clinic or hospital. Unsafe abortions usually refer to illegal abortions performed in an unhygienic environmental by […]

What’s happening to our planet in 9 key numbers

Climate change, a long-term shift in global or regional climate patterns, represents one of the greatest threats to the future of humanity, as well as that of life-support systems that make our planet inhabitable.  As a result of greenhouse gas emissions by humans, the globe has been gradually warming since the Industrial Revolution in the […]

Life in 2050: Take a trip into the future

Martha waited, practising the breathing techniques her virtual life coach had taught her. After a few minutes, a smiling Relations Agent joined her, slinking towards her high table through the hanging vines of the augmented reality lounge. Martha was accustomed to these artificial venues. The high temperatures, poor air quality, and constant risk of storms […]

The Pitch: Priyanka Gothi sets out to re-invent retirement

Priyanka Gothi’s mother worked as a teacher in India for 35 years. After being forced by her employer to retire at 60, she felt compelled to continue contributing to society but couldn’t find anyone to hire her for meaningful and challenging work. Watching her mother struggle, Gothi was inspired to help an entire population of […]

Through the Lens: A Day in the Life

Salt pan to Tai Pan, Backs bent to shuck barnacles, Tease out a leather shine, Carts pushed by folk weathered through the political shutter-speed Of refuge, enclave, port town. People came, from the sea, over marshland, then from planes. Built with granite, neon, concrete. Bodies now contort to walk a straight line, where coolies once […]