A Global Crisis: The plight of refugees by the numbers

2018 was one of the worst years on record for forced displacement. From Myanmar, to Syria and Sudan, millions became refugees after they were displaced due to variety of reasons including civil conflict, government crackdowns and climate change. Around the world, 70.8 million people were forcibly displaced in 2018; which meant on average, every two […]

A Safe Haven: What humane resettlement could look like

On a reclaimed tract of land southeast of Macao’s Cotai Strip, the remains of the former Ka Ho Refugee Camp are slowly being erased, lost to time’s inevitable march. The camp’s defunct administrative building in Coloane still stands, but the space now hosts the Centro de Formação Juvenil Dom Bosco youth education centre. Meanwhile, in […]

Utopia: A day in the life of a Hong Kong asylum seeker

From the Greek ou (not) and topos (place), utopia literally means ‘non-place’. Through this lens, Hong Kong is a utopia, a ‘non-place’ for asylum seekers. Home, too, is remote, indefinite – a utopia that might never be seen again. I am an invisible man. I am here, yet I am unseen. My days are spent […]

Dying with Dignity: Should Hong Kong legalise euthanasia?

Uruguay becomes first country to legalise euthanasia Switzerland begins allowing assisted suicide Britain passes the Suicide Act, punishing anyone who helps another person commit suicide with up to 14 years in prison Eight states in the US pass ‘Right to Die’ bills The World Federation of Right to Die Societies forms Colombia legalises euthanasia, however […]

An ultra-marathon runner’s race against depression

It was just after dinner time in Chamonix, France, when Vivi Cheung took off from the starting line at the 2018 Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc (UTMB), an annual 171-kilometre ultra-marathon race through the Alps.  By midnight, the Macao resident had been running through heavy rain and plummeting temperatures for hours. She felt exhausted, confused […]

Sexual violence: Need-to-know terms and definitions

We asked Rainlily, the city’s first crisis centre for survivors of sexual violence, to help us unpack commonly used terms and how they’re applied in Hong Kong. Consent                             When a person agrees to sexual activity without coercion. Communicated either verbally or through body language, consent can […]

Hong Kong’s animal shelters overwhelmed during Covid-19

The city’s shelters and rescue groups are struggling to care for the growing numbers of homeless cats and dogs, which have been surrendered or abandoned by their owners. Sam Edwards wasn’t planning on fostering a 10-year-old dog named Wallace. But as Covid-19 continued to spread across Hong Kong, he wanted to find a way to […]