Noah’s Journey: Life as an Asian-Canadian trans man

Noah Yang was scrolling through Instagram one day, when he decided to search the hashtag “transgender man”. This was 2018, when social media was becoming more diverse, as well as an increasingly popular medium for trans-identifying people to share their experiences. Yang, who grew up in Vancouver, Canada, had been planning his own journey from […]

Meet the volunteers leading COVID-19 relief efforts in the Philippines, US and UK

The prolonged quarantine and economic standstill caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic have amplified problems such as poverty, unemployment, food scarcity and mental health issues.  But volunteers around the world have harnessed their personal expertise, technology and the power of community to organise ambitious relief projects.  We spoke with volunteers in the Philippines, UK and […]

Past Issues

#06: Autumn | Winter 2020 Dedicated to LGBT+ issues, one of the longest-standing forms of prejudice in the world, Ariana’s Autumn-Winter 2020 issue is our densest issue yet. We’ve approached the topic from many angles, including language, culture, religion and legal implications. In our features, read about everything from inclusive LGBT+ language to the stories […]