Space to be me: LGBT+ and disabled in Hong Kong

“I am bisexual, I am gender-fluid and I am also disabled,” says Chris Yau. The 38-year-old Hongkonger has muscular dystrophy, a disease that causes muscles to weaken over time, but doesn’t need a wheelchair at the moment. He is also bisexual and identifies as genderqueer, meaning he does not subscribe to conventional gender identities. “On […]

How to give back in Hong Kong during Covid-19

In the beginning of the year, some observers talked of the coronavirus as “the great equaliser.” The phrase was meant to highlight how the pandemic would affect everyone — rich and poor, Black and white, urban and rural. Almost a year later, the expression seems overly optimistic. As the outbreak continues its assault across the […]

Last Word: Remembering celebrated opera singer Barbara Fei

On a cold night in January 1951, 19-year-old soprano Barbara Fei Ming-yi took the stage at Queen’s College in Hong Kong to perform two traditional folk songs from Shanxi, China – Embroidered Purse and Aunt Li – for her her first solo. Her father, who suffered from heart disease, obtained permission to leave the hospital and […]

On the Brink: Photojournalist Arati Kumar-Rao investigates the devastating impacts of climate change in South Asia

An environmental photographer and journalist, Arati Kumar-Rao hopes to inspire change by documenting the impact of climate change across marginalised communities in South Asia. Since 2014, India-based environmental photographer, writer and National Geographic Explorer Arati Kumar-Rao has been documenting the impacts of climate change in South Asia. She travels widely across the region, having spent […]

Unchecked trafficking takes a human toll in Hong Kong

This June, the US Department of State released the 2020 Trafficking in Persons Report, which downgraded Hong Kong from its Tier 2 position in 2019 to the Tier 2 Watch List. Essentially, this means that Hong Kong failed to “demonstrate overall increasing efforts compared to the previous reporting period,” states the report. The report criticises […]