Training Day: Inside the Macau Special Olympics

Wong Kin Hong, a track and field player who has been diagnosed with a moderate intellectual disability, rushes to the Lin Fong Sports Centre in northern Macao, next to the former Canidrome greyhound racing stadium. As he reaches the entrance, a guard waves him inside with a familiar smile. After quickly changing into his training […]

Personal Essay: Why I chose to be child-free

I am in my mid-40s, happily married to a man who would make a wonderful father. And perhaps ironically, we chose to be child-free. Whether or not we would have children was a conversation my husband and I had early in our relationship. We had to; I was in my early 40s, and he was […]

Chance Encounters: Bright hearts in the dark era of Covid-19

As we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic and all the uncertainty it brings, many of us may long more deeply for authentic human connections. Though we may feel alone due to social distancing restrictions and disconnected from others, there are many opportunities to find meaningful interactions across the city. From mountain trails, tiny shops or quiet […]

What is a death doula?

What is a death doula? We speak with Christin Ament, a US-based integrative health practitioner and death doula, about her role in helping people navigate life and death. We speak with Christin Ament, a US-based integrative health practitioner and death doula who founded Sacred Transitions Integrative Healing care in the US. She shares her thoughts […]

Being Black in Hong Kong

Like many new arrivals, when Christopher Onoja first moved from Russia to Hong Kong in 2017, he was awestruck by the city’s bright neon signage and towering skyscrapers. “Hong Kong is the most international city I’ve lived in,” says the 27-year old Nigerian creative and founder of hip-hop events platform Mama Told Me.  Yet for […]