Join TEDxTinHau Countdown to rally for climate change during Covid-19

With continued social distancing restrictions, it’s harder than ever to host advocacy events, workshops and panels. But TEDxTinHau Countdown has managed to overcome the unprecedented obstacles posed by Covid-19.  Taking place on Saturday, 17 October, the Hong Kong extension of TED’s global Countdown event, will shine a spotlight on climate change.  With a goal to […]

Invisible Tolls: Roadblocks to timely abortions in Hong Kong

When Sally* looked down at the two bars on her pregnancy test, she was devastated. Her period was a month late, but she never expected to be pregnant. Sally immediately sought help from Teen’s Key, an NGO supporting young women and their reproductive health. While a social worker talked her through the options, Sally’s mind […]

A Matter Of Time: Why don't more victims report sexual abuse?

An estimated 35 per cent of women experience physical or sexual violence at some point in their lives, according to the World Health Organization. But only a fraction actually report the abuse through official channels for fear of retaliation or backlash from their perpetrator, employers, family or community. Those who do come forward are often […]

Sexual harassment: By the numbers

We take a look at global statistics related to sexual harassment and violence to better understand what’s happening around the world. From cat-calling to groping on public transport, inappropriate comments in workplaces, sexual harassment is a daily reality for many women. In countries like the UK, India, Brazil and Kenya, 65 per cent of women […]