Sexual harassment: By the numbers

We take a look at global statistics related to sexual harassment and violence to better understand what’s happening around the world.

From cat-calling to groping on public transport, inappropriate comments in workplaces, sexual harassment is a daily reality for many women. In countries like the UK, India, Brazil and Kenya, 65 per cent of women have been sexually harassed.

In an era where victim-shaming and silencing is often the norm, many women choose not to speak up due to social stigmas, feelings of shame, and fear of retribution.

In the UK, an estimated 69 per cent of incidents of sexual harassment go unreported, whereas in nations like Brazil, 86 per cent of cases are unreported.

Meanwhile, in nations like Egypt, 99.3 per cent of female respondents say they have experienced sexual harassment; in Thailand, 86 per cent; and in the US and the UK, 65 per cent.

Workplace sexual harassment is also common around the world, even in the most developed nations, such as Singapore, Australia and the US.

In Singapore, women in the business, sales and hospitality sectors reported the highest instances of sexual harassment at work. In Australia, women in information, media and telecommunications, arts and recreation services, male-dominated utility sectors have reported sexual harassment most frequently.

The situation is similar in the US, where women in industries such as media, technologies and communications, and consulting and management see the highest incidences of sexual harassment at work.

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