Past Issues


#06: Autumn | Winter 2020

Dedicated to LGBT+ issues, one of the longest-standing forms of prejudice in the world, Ariana’s Autumn-Winter 2020 issue is our densest issue yet. We’ve approached the topic from many angles, including language, culture, religion and legal implications. In our features, read about everything from inclusive LGBT+ language to the stories of brave LGBT+ individuals in Hong Kong, the importance of same-sex marriage, hormone blocking medicines for transgender youth, discrimination against queer women of colour, and more.


#05: Spring 2020

Reproductive rights are about much more than the prevailing pro-life versus pro-choice abortion debate or access to contraception. It’s a human rights discussion that affects everyone. In this edition of Ariana, we interview women across society: teenage girls driven to black-market abortion clinics, women who are freezing their eggs, transgender women seeking better reproductive health services, and surrogates in India preparing for strict new legislation.


#04: Winter 2019

Ariana delves into a critical topic that affects millions around the world: forced migration. We talk with six asylum seekers in Hong Kong who fled their homes but never lost their determination, chronicle the challenges of women who have been trafficked from Madagascar to China, unpack Hong Kong’s complicated non-refoulment procedures, analyze biased reporting by some media outlets, and explore what humane resettlement could look like.


#03: Summer 2019

Since 2006 when New York civil rights activist Tarana Burke first coined the term, the #MeToo Movement has led to an outpouring of allegations, countless resignations and indictments – showing just how deeply sexual harassment has penetrated our society. This profound reckoning across society has motivated the Ariana team to share stories of sexual violence as well as unpack the psychological, professional, and legal ramifications.


#02: Spring 2019

“You have cancer.” Three earth-shattering words that most of us are likely to hear at some point in our lifetimes. It could be you, your parents, partner, child, or best friend. Nearly everyone has been – or will be – affected by cancer in way one or another. In this issue, we address healthcare limitations, opportunistic pricing, barriers to timely care, powerful personal stories, and more.


#01 Winter 2018

In our debut issue of Ariana, we explore a range of social justice issues, such as sexual assault against domestic workers in Macao, menstruation taboos across Asia, how advancements in AI technology could aggravate violence against women, the innovative ways in which blockchain is being harnessed by human rights organisations, and much more.